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Monday, November 2, 2009

RideSearch helps Save You Gas

The results are in and RideSearch is listed as a number one site to find a carpool. Currently they are working on their iPhone carpool app. That can be found at

Now is the time to try their award winning carpool calculator to calculate the price of your commute. You will find that you can really save money by carpooling with other people.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

RideSearch works with Google Chrome

I have made sure that carpool searching technology works with Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the latest browser available from Google. Initial reviews show that it faster than any browser out there and is more stable than other browsers. And it is only in Beta. The official RideSearch blog has been moved to

Monday, May 19, 2008

RideSearch wins Award has been listed as one of the top 100 useful web sites by Women's Health Magazine. This will appear in the June issue.

100 BEST WEBSITES | Women's Health Magazine

RideSearch in the News

US News and World Report

Tampa Tribune

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RideSearch on Living in Style Monthly Newsletter

Thank you for signing up with, the free, nationwide premier carpooling website!
We have recently announced to the world that membership is growing rapidly. Our growth increases your odds of finding the right person to carpool with, so we urge you to log in to create your profile if you have not already done so.

Ridesearch would also like to announce that our carpool contest is in full swing. We will award a $50 gas card to the first carpoolers who will share their RideSearch carpooling story with us. Be one of the first RideSearch users to send in their story about how you and and another RideSearch user are actively carpooling with RideSearch and we will give a $50 gas card to both users. Both users should send me the following information via email(

Your username and real name
The other person's username and real name
Your story of:
a. Why you wanted to carpool.
b. How you met each other at
c. How much money you saved by carpooling.
d. How long (time and distance) both of your commutes are.
e. Did you use intersections, parking lots, or addresses to meet?
f. Did you meet in a public place first?
g. Would your recommend RideSearch to a friend?
h. And any other details about what it is like to carpool.
Note: As a result of this action you recognize that your testimonial may be used on the website, newsletter and in other public relations activities like newspapers, radio, and TV.

Looking back, April was a busy month for We released our carpool calculator on the iPhone and were linked on You can visit this site on your iPhone at

We are working hard to spread the word about carpooling, and we owe it all to your support. Be sure to keep spreading the word about to your friends and coworkers and together we can all make real impact in your community and the world!

During April we promoted the site to the nation in the following ways:
1. The Live Green Expo in Plano, Texas
2. The Green Apple Festival in Los Angeles. Earth Day (I got interviewed by
3. The Green for Life EcoFest in Palm Beach Florida, where we sponsored the "RideSearch Trolley"
4. The Nortel Green Fair in Dallas for the employees of Nortel.
5. The Green Living Family Festival at the Heard Museum in McKinney, Texas

At the end of May, RideSearch 2.0 will be released, which combines Ridesharing and Carpooling. We are going to have Free Ride Forums. Stay tuned for the best addition to our site yet!

If you would like to see on TV and have Dish or Direct TV turn to the ION Network on this Thursday May 8th for a minute segment on the show Living in Style. It shows how to carpool with

Thursday 5/08 @ 1:30 PM EST, on the I Network (Formerly known as PAX TV) you can check your local station for this channel, ie: direct tv – channel 305, dish network – channel 181,
This runs on a single feed as follows: Thursday 05/08 1:30 PM EST12:30 PM Central Time11:30 AM Mountain Time10:30 AM Pacific Time

Finally, RideSearch is also cooperating with major corporations to make our service available to employees from corporate intranet sites. If you are interested in our benefits program (small, medium or large businesses), or in advertising on or in our monthly newsletter, please email me at Thank you very much for signing up. You are helping us make a world of difference!

Brian A. Bass
Creator of

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Read about Carpooling on MSNBC

I have a quote at the bottom. It is true, people can be as selective as a dating service, but you don't have to be as picky. This article is ok, but I think a majority of carpools are not going to be the worst case scenerios that are presented here.